Monday, 1 April 2013

Dress to impress

Hi there!

So, last week I was caught up in intense debates. Not with my parents this time, about whether they would allow me to buy a new pair of ankle boots, no, I was debating about the actual problems the world is facing today in a Model United Nations conference. Model United Nations simply means pretending that you're an actual member of the United Nations and coming together with a bunch of students from all over the world to find solutions for, for example, food shortage. Sounds difficult and intellectual, doesn't it :)? 

However, during these conferences it's also the time for us girls to show our knowledge about fashion, as it's the opportunity to get dressed in fancy attires! (And I love getting all dressed up). So let me show you some of the outfits I wore: 

Day 1:
On day 1 I wore my blue River Island dress. Although it's from 2 years ago I guess it's still okay to wear (this summer you will definitely see lots of lace again!). All of my outfits were accompanied by a pair of Wolford stockings. Although it's quite an investment, these stockings are really worth it. Not only do they look fawless, but they also last a really long time. 
Dress: River Island, I forgot the price

Day 2: 

The day after, I was wearing this combination. The top is from Lofty Manners, a brand I had never heard of before I bought the top. I especially like the little golden details on the collar. The skirt is from last years collection of Zara, and is a perfect basic for an event on which you have to dress to impress! Although on the photo it seems like it's grey, it's actually black.
Top: Lofty Manners, €39,95,-
Skirt: Zara, 

Day 3:

The heels you see in this photo were one of my best bargains ever. These Madden Girl-pumps originally were 60, but I got mine for 15! Despite the fact that they look high and therefore really uncomfy, they're actually pretty good to walk on (for heels, nothing can beat a pair of vans of course). The skirt is from Pull&Bear and whenever I wear it I try to let the golden studs on the pockets match with my earrings and necklace. The blouse is, surprisingly, from Primark. Although I expected it to fall in pieces, explode, or whatever, because of the reputation Primark has, it has been in my closet for 3/4 year now.
Blouse: Primark, €11,-
Skirt: Pull&Bear, 
€15,95,- (I believe)
Pumps: Madden Girl by Steve Madden, 

What do you think? Have you ever participated in an event like this, and what did you wear?

Love, Louise

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